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Heunis Steel is a leader in the rainwater goods industry.
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The company has been family-owned since the late 1960's and is currently in its 3rd generation of Heunis family management. Heunis Steel is a leader in the rainwater goods industry. We manufacture and supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality galvanized rainwater goods, roof sheeting and ceiling products for the plumbing and building industry.

The company has a well-equipped, highly efficient engineering plant able to produce a wide range of specialized products to meet customers' individual needs. Leading-edge technology enables Heunis Steel to increase production capacity by streamlining its production process with most of its products. We continuously develop and improve our diverse product range.

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In September 2009 Heunis Steel acquired Barak Products (Ltd) Pty, adding ceiling product to their range of quality products. Heunis Steel is now the only company manufacturing high quality powder coated ceiling strips and trap doors.

The company is proud of the high quality products it manufactures and therefore insists on making use of only SABS-certified raw material in its production process.

Heunis Steel has a large client base comprising listed companies, privately owned groups, independent merchants and smaller retail outlets. Our efficient distribution network ensures prompt deliveries to all our customers located nationally as well as the neighboring countries, including Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland. Heunis Steel employs 125 staff members who are highly trained in their fields. Our dedicated and loyal team are treated as the most valued assets of the company. The staff at Heunis Steel are trained in-house on an ongoing basis to ensure proper skills development and upliftment. In terms of social responsibility, we employ people from The Association of People with Disabilities on a regular basis.

Heunis Steel is committed to service excellence in supplying the most durable rainwater goods at affordable prices. We are determined to build awareness of the importance of rainwater goods in the protection of, what is to many people their most valuable and costly asset, their home. The Heunis Steel team understand the important role our customers play in the success of the company and are therefore focused on delivering the highest quality products backed by professional and efficient service to our valued customers at all times.

Company culture

The company culture has the customers’ interests at its core. During working hours, work needs to be done according to the company requirements and afterwards, the employees go home to spend time with their families. Heunis Steel keeps its high work ethic front of mind and does not socialise during working hours or during the week. Its sole focus is to do its work to the best of its ability and do things right the first time.


Its motto remains that it needs to conduct itself and its business in such a manner that its customers cannot afford to not buy from them.

Heunis Steel is very proud of this, but it takes a great deal of effort to achieve and maintain. It aims to stay focused and avoid any type of distractions that would keep it from delivering the best service to its customers.

Characteristics of our staff

Loyalty and a passion for the business is one of the company’s most important requirements when hiring staff. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who possess these characteristics, though, considering the tendency of the younger generation to not stick around at one company for too long. They want to be the MD in a year’s time and if they do not succeed in this, they just move on.

In order to avoid these types of scenarios, the company always tries to promote from within. It identifies employees with potential; those who are honest, passionate, and confident, and it invests in them and works with them from one level of employment to the next. It is essential for the company to have the right people in the right places. It prefers people who are ‘old school’; who work hard to achieve their goals and who look back on their achievements with satisfaction.

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