Gutter System

Benefits of Gutter System

Gutters are more important than one might realize. Gutters are an important part of your roof and will preserve the structural integrity of your home, although they can add a pleasant aesthetic element to your home, their main purpose is to prevent rainwater from entering small openings that causes water damage such as mold, mildew, damp and structural damage.

Function of gutters

Galvanized steel gutters collect rainwater from your roof, channels it vertically down a downpipe which channels the rainwater away from the foundation of your home and into a drain or any alternative drainage system.

gutter system benefits

Foundation stability

Galvanized steel gutters will prevent water from pooling around your home by channelling water into a drainage system. This way soil around the foundation of your home will not loosen and the structure will less likely degenerate as a result of excess water.

Decreased water damage

Issues such as damp, mold and other water damage are synonymous with homes that are constantly exposed to water and that have no way of directing rainwater.

Rainwater Harvesting

Galvanized steel gutters are ideal to collect rainwater from a roof, redirecting rainwater into a galvanized steel water tank. Rainwater could be utilized in various manners, even saving money on your municipality bill.

Galvanized steel gutters

Home preservation

Galvanized steel gutters will protect moisture sensitive parts of your home such as wooden doors and window frames to name some. Homes that are not fitted with gutters run the risk of increased maintenance / repair cost that can seriously affect the structural integrity and the value of your home.

Colour flexibility

Galvanized steel gutters can be painted with a good quality acrylic PVA paint, which means you are not limited to one colour for life. Should the need arise you can paint galvanized steel gutters when you want, any amount of times and any amount of colours you desire.

Raised value

Building standards and home maintenance have changed over time. Galvanized steel gutters will raise the overall value of your home as gutters prevents a variety of maintenance issues and structural damage caused by water, that will end in a decrease in property value.

Protects your garden

During seasonal rains pools of water falling on your roof are most likely to run into your yard, causing major damage to your garden. Our galvanized steel gutters can control the flow of water by redirecting water to other drainage systems such as a rainwater harvesting tank. Large amounts of water can also erode soil that can cause the foundation of your home to weaken.

Limits insects

Insects such as mosquitoes and termites are drawn to areas of damp and standing water. Without galvanized steel gutters redirecting water away from your home, your home could easy drawing unwanted guests such as insects.

Many homes that are still standing after 60 years are a testament to galvanized steel gutters. This has largely been as a result of good building practice. Home owners that do not install gutters can simply not expect a 100 year + lifespan on their homes.

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