Galvanised Steel Water Storage Tank

Benefits of a Galvanised Steel Water Tank

Droughts and water restrictions have become a normal part of life, it is no secret that we’re on the brink of a water crisis; there’s never been a better time to explore means of reducing our main water intake, and the good news is, Heunis Steel has the solution for you!

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Long Term Cost Effective Solution

At first any type of storage container will cost you money.

Spend your money wisely by making an investment in a galvanised steel water tank that will serve you for a long time to come.

Galvanised steel tanks can be used to store water for just about any purpose. Meaning, no matter your reason for wanting to use all that rainwater, you’ll be able to store it.

Galvanised steel water tanks are not high maintenance. Over time other materials are prone to deteriorate and you would need to spend lots of money on repairs. You could even end up replacing the tank body.

How will you save money in the long run?
  • Various applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Longevity and durability makes it a long term investment
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Steel water tanks are built to withstand the elements. It is likely for water tanks that are made of other materials to crack or break over time. On the other hand, galvanised steel water tanks will not crack or break due to the fact that our galvanised steel water tanks are constructed from high quality materials.

Compared to other materials, galvanised steel tanks offer plenty advantages
  • Resistant to natural elements such as heat and wind
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Stay malleable irrespective of temperature
  • Fire resistant
  • Unaffected by UV rays

*UV rays which can damage coatings and painted surfaces used on other materials.
A galvanised steel tank can last you more than 20 years, if properly maintained.

Rainwater steel  tanks3

ECO - Friendly

The majority of water tanks are made from other materials that have a short lifetime, offer little UV-resistance and usually at their end of life cannot be recycled into anything else and will end up in landfills. Galvanised steel water tanks can have a lifespan for many decades and they are recyclable.

Aging water infrastructure is expensive to replace, maintain and implement. The more water that each person harvests, the less dependence there will be on municipal water infrastructure.

Rainwater tanks can reduce the harm to waterways caused by too much stormwater. Harvested tank water can be used to flush toilets, wash clothes, water gardens and wash cars, significantly reducing demand on drinking water.

Ways in which galvanised steel water tanks protect the environment
  • Excellent recycling ability
  • Less dependence on municipal water infrastructure
  • Reduces water waste
  • Lessens the impact of floods / droughts
  • Restores groundwater
  • Reduces carbon foot print (less energy consumption)
  • Garden becomes more resilient
  • Solution to fires
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Versatility & Customisability

If versatility and customisation are needed for your product then galvanised steel water tanks have many favourable characteristics that shouldn’t be ignored.

Each industry has a unique set of requirements and galvanized steel is a material that can be bent, rolled and shaped to fit those custom needs. Other materials are generally mass produced, meaning there is little room for customisation. Galvanised steel tanks can be manufactured to satisfy any diameter or height with various roofing styles, which means galvanised steel tanks can be manufactured according to any requirements. They can also be painted to personalise the appearance of your tank.

Hygenic Galvanised steel tanks5


Steel is not going to leak nor crack, combine that with our food grade liner inside our tanks and thus there is no need to worry about water contamination. Compared to other materials, foreign material could breach or seep into the water within the tank.

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Aesthetic Value

Storage tanks made using other materials aren’t appealing to the eye. They appear dull after only a few years of use. In most cases, galvanised steel water storage tanks are aesthetically appealing and look new even after years of service. Moreover, they can be painted to match the surroundings.

Apart from keeping your stored substance safe, galvanised steel tanks are also good for the environment. They’re simple to set up and take down, and when the time is right they’re even recyclable. That means your tank can be used to make something else instead of adding to the nearest landfill.

No matter how you look at it, a galvanised steel storage tank is a great option if you’re looking to store rainwater. If you’re looking to store something else, chances are, a galvanised steel tank will work for that too.

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