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Social Responsibility

Heunis Steel has a heart for charity and is currently involved with some organisations.
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Business Continuity

For Heunis Steel to retain its strong company brand in the years to come and possibly take a wider bite of the market share, it will continue to strive to be the most cost-effective producer of its products in South Africa. The company will continue to invest in training and new technology, ensure the upgrading of machines and vehicles, and remain on the level of a first-world manufacturing facility. It will continue to set the pace as leaders in the industry and ensure that its ears are always kept to the ground to catch any new technology available. It also prioritises the building of lasting relationships with customers to adapt to their changing needs and priorities. The business growth of its customers is as vital as its own business growth. Without their growth, the company’s business will stagnate. Making sure its customers’ requirements are met will ensure that the end user’s requirements are met as well.


In keeping with its customers’ requirements, the company has introduced its ‘budget range’. This is to cater for the buyer who wants to have a gutter or downpipe installed at their home but cannot afford the prime range. This can be compared to a luxury car and an affordable car. Everyone wants to drive a car but not everyone can afford a luxury one. The same as with car manufacturing, Heunis Steel’s budget range is made in the same factory with the same attention to detail and quality and loaded on the same truck for delivery. The only difference is that a slightly lesser-quality raw material is used in order to make it more affordable for the customer. Capitalising on opportunities such as these will create not only a sustainable and healthy business, but it will ensure good customer relationships.

In order to avoid these types of scenarios, the company always tries to promote from within. It identifies employees with potential; those who are honest, passionate, and confident, and it invests in them and works with them from one level of employment to the next. It is essential for the company to have the right people in the right places. It prefers people who are ‘old school’; who work hard to achieve their goals and who look back on their achievements with satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

Heunis Steel has a heart for charity and is currently involved with some organisations. It supports the associations for the disabled on a monthly basis, by having them do some of the packaging for the company. This allows the people to earn a wage while keeping busy. A dedicated driver takes and delivers products to the associations. These associations unfortunately do not receive government grants anymore.

The company also supports Bathokwa Primary School by supplying school bags filled with stationery and other goodies to Grade 1 pupils every year. Additionally, every now and then the company runs into people in need and tries to help wherever possible.

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